Connect Roots

ConnectRoots is a digital platform that aims to create a dynamic ecosystem to foster powerful connections and collaborations among startups, investors, and talent in the Middle East, particularly in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It provides a venue for B2B networking, enabling the growth of startups, bringing fresh talent into the limelight, and creating robust investment opportunities.

ConnectRoots is driven by its mission of making it easy and effective for founders, investors, and talent to connect, starting in Dubai, and eventually spreading across the whole region. This is demonstrated by the platform's ambitious goal for 2023 to connect 2,000 founders and investors, not just online but also through enriching in-person networking events.

ConnectRoots' vision is to become the go-to platform for investor-centric networking worldwide, with the aim to drive growth for the startup ecosystem in the Middle East and beyond. It values the power of connection and collaboration, and seeks to foster an environment where these connections can lead to mutual growth. In essence, ConnectRoots exists to catalyze innovation, inspire collaboration, and drive growth within the startup ecosystem.
Development & design
  • Spearheaded the founding and development of ConnectRoots, a novel platform linking talents, investors, and 
  • companies seeking funds. 
  • Championed design and development using technologies like Ruby on Rails 7, PostgreSQL, AWS, Hotwire, Stimulus JS, TailwindCSS, and Sketch. 
  • Developed advanced search functionality enhancing user experience and transaction efficiency. 
  • Managed all business operations including strategic planning, UX design, development, customer service, and 
  • marketing. 
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Built with Rails 7 and Hotwire stack and designed using TailwindCSS
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Live & active
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