What I'm working on now

I used to have bundle of projects going at the same time. While they kept me busy, that way impacted the quality I want of each project negatively.
Currently, I'm busy working on the coming Built in Toronto project.

Urban Cottage Food

Before the project started, I was doing Sourdough baking at home. And when many people showed interest in my sourdough products such as Bread, Doughnuts, Bagel, Cinnamon Rolls, etc... I built a website to share what I learn and sell my products with everyone. The feedback was and still great. From there I stared online and in-person sourdough baking classes.
Getting more into cooking and baking, I started a challenge to cook 500 dishes in 350 days, I call it The Home Food Lab Project.

Built in Toronto

The Canadian business and startups community eco-systems are healthy and growing but not as it should be. I found that Canadian business specially in Toronto, is cautious and averse to risk. More people are taking chances, and more money is finding its way to our city. Built in Toronto is the hub for Toronto startups & tech community.

Mena Core in development

MEAN -Middle East and North Africa- is a rich area with highly scaling, profiting and growing startups and organizations. The MENA area made of around 40 countries with and estimate population of Billion residents and more. While it is an individually mature-community, it is missing an important element, common ground. Connecting. Meeting. Get together in once place where they would share ideas, solve problem, support each other, invest, grow together and succeeded. MENA Core is the common ground that is missing. It is an eco-system helps entrepreneurs, founder, talent and investors to build better future together.