Daring to Share, Triumphing in Action

Written on Jul 24, 2023

Have you ever encountered a story that resonated so deeply within you that it altered your perspective and challenged your beliefs? I'll share with you one such tale. It doesn't revolve around tech titans or secret recipes for success. Instead, it focuses on something far more compelling, the power of shared ideas and relentless action.

During my years navigating the intricate labyrinth of the Middle Eastern startup ecosystem, I observed a perplexing pattern. There's an abundance of brilliant minds carrying potential game-changing ideas. An ocean of sharp minds harbour groundbreaking concepts; yet, these ideas often remain locked within the solitary confines of their minds, paralyzed by the fear of being stolen and replicated.

Let me illustrate this predicament with the story of a man I once knew—a family member who, by societal standards, was deemed successful. His life, however, was tethered to a peculiar room that hoarded his wealth. This fortune was locked away in self-crafted wooden boxes. This man, akin to many of the brilliant minds I've encountered, kept his valuable ideas to himself, hidden in fear of them being taken or not being credited. The man clung to his treasure, choosing a life of scarcity amidst abundance, instead of revealing his wealth or investing it in promising ventures. His existence echoes the actions of many bright minds today who let their innovative ideas stagnate out of fear. And like wealth confined in a dark room, an idea that remains unexpressed and unexplored loses its purpose—its potential to instigate change.

His story, however, took a sorrowful turn. When he passed, he left as he had lived—in solitude. A relative suggested, His epitaph should read, 'Never truly lived. From womb to grave.' I wholeheartedly agreed. His treasured wealth, his ideas, had benefited no one—not his family, not society, nor himself.

I initially found myself walking a similar path with ConnectRoots, caught in the grip of the same fear. Afraid of losing credit or that someone else might act upon it, I decided to abandon the idea and kept it to myself. But this path felt all too familiar, and I realized I was repeating the mistakes of the man from my story.

So, I chose a different path. I introduced ConnectRoots to friends, colleagues, and others, only to be met with skepticism and dismissal. Yet, even amid their doubt and numerous people knowing about it, not a single person attempted to replicate ConnectRoots. Why? Because ideas without execution are just abstract concepts, void of substance and value. It's the audacious leap into execution and the resilience in the face of adversity that breathes life into ideas.
Driven by hope and transformation, I persisted. ConnectRoots—an idea brave enough to be shared and acted upon—came into being. Born from a desire to dismantle barriers between Startups, Investors, and Talent worldwide, ConnectRoots is now poised to overcome the fear constraining the entrepreneurial spirit of the Middle East and North Africa.

ConnectRoots today isn't just a platform—it's a testament to the power of believe, collaboration, self trust and action. Despite being new to the scene, we're not afraid of challenges. Each obstacle we encounter refines and strengthens us, turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We dared to dream, act, and persist, thereby transforming initial skepticism into a growing belief in our shared vision.
What sets ConnectRoots apart is our unwavering commitment to fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration. Our strength lies in our emerging global community—a diverse mix of ambitious startups, visionary investors, and gifted individuals. Through their shared experiences, we aspire to witness extraordinary partnerships blossom, innovative projects take flight, and success stories unfold.

As we look towards the horizon, we're eager to welcome more trailblazers into our family, catalyze more collaborations, and evolve alongside our users. Because we believe in the power of shared ideas and the enchanting dance that ensues when they're brought to life.

To all the audacious creators, innovators, and dreamers out there, here's a nugget of wisdom: Don't let your brilliant ideas languish in obscurity. Dare to share them, dare to execute them, and behold the astonishing power of action. We are the torchbearers of change, and together, we'll shape the world, one executed idea at a time. We must break the chains of fear and hoarding that bound the man in my tale, so we may truly live—from womb to grave.

To illustrate this in a more tangible form, I'd like to share a concept that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of what we at ConnectRoots believe.
Consider this: I often find it amusing when people guard their ideas with an overprotective fervour. Individuals who demand that I sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to reveal the simplest idea.

In my view, ideas are worth virtually nothing. Absolutely nothing unless; acted upon. They're merely a multiplier. The real value, the real gold, lies in execution. Execution can be worth millions.

Let me elaborate:
An awful idea stands at -1, while a weak idea is 1. A so-so idea ranks at 5, a good idea at 10, a great idea at 15, and a brilliant idea soars at 20.

On the execution side, no execution equals $1. Weak execution measures at $1000, so-so execution at $10,000, good execution at $100,000, great execution at $1,000,000, and brilliant execution scales the heights at $10,000,000. To create a thriving business, you need to multiply the two.

This means that even the most brilliant idea, with no execution, is worth a paltry $20. The same brilliant idea, with great execution, skyrockets in value to a whopping $20,000,000. *(i)
(That's my goal with @connectroots)

(i) source: Derek Sivers, president and programmer, CD Baby and HostBaby

This is the crux of why I don’t entertain mere ideas. Ideas alone don't captivate me. Only when I see the dance of execution do I truly become intrigued.

So, let's return to the crux of my advice: Don't just dream your brilliant ideas, dare to perform them. Match your soaring concepts with tenacious execution, and marvel as the world transforms under the weight of your actions. Because we, the innovators and the creators, are the sculptors of change. And together, we will shape the world, one executed idea at a time.

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